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At Axis Chiropractic PC in Marquette, MI, we love hearing from our happy, healthy patients and sharing what they have to say about our services. Contact us today for an appointment.

“Having lived for the past 30 years with a chronic lower back injury from a mindless teenage stunt, I couldn’t get by without chiropractic. But even better, chiropractic has helped me learn that balance in most systems starts with spinal wellness. And better still is the quality education provided by such knowledgeable chiropractic experts at Axis Chiropractic.”


Jerry M. - Marquette, Michigan



“After 5 weeks in the hospital and many more weeks of bed rest at home, my back was in bad shape. Dr. Brian has brought my body back to be totally without pain. I intend to continue to use chiropractic to maintain the present comfort I have.”


Brenda R. - Marquette, Michigan



“Age related ‘misalignments’ brought me to chiropractic. Lifting causes pain and Dr. Brian has helped enormously. With continued treatments I know I will feel and appear 20 years younger and my fellow seniors will no longer recognize me. Thanks. In all seriousness.”


Professor Bob - Big Bay, Michigan



“Before coming to Axis Chiropractic, I felt like I had the back of an 80 yr. old. Now I feel younger than my age (25). It’s more than a luxury, it’s my way of life.”


Tiana J. - Marquette, Michigan

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